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How to Free up Space on Android

If your Android phone has been overstuffed and looking for ways to free up space, you are in the right place. This post is all about freeing space on an overloaded Android smartphone. This post will work on Android version 8 or newer regardless of the device maker (Google, Samsung, LG, and more.) Let’s see the possible ways to free up space on Android devices. 

Take advantage of built-in tools

Android phones running on version 8 or later come with built-in tools for cleaning space. These built-in tools will help you erase junk files and data that fill your device unnecessarily. These tools also remove installed apps that haven’t been used in a while. 

Note that manufacturers like Samsung don’t support storage management tools; instead, they provide their own storage management features. In the case of Samsung, it offers Samsung Cloud.  

  • Take your phone and go to Settings. 
  • Under Settings, you have to choose Storage.
  • Under Free up space, find the content you have to delete and hit on Free up Space to perform the deletion.     

If you wish to automatically erase the data that has been already stored on the cloud, you will need to do a setting on your phone. To do so, open Settings and then go to the Storage section. Now turn on the toggle button next to the Smart Storage

Store photos in the cloud storage

You can take advantage of the Google Photos app on your phone to automatically backup photos and videos in the cloud through your Google account. When your photos and videos get backed-up in the cloud, you can safely delete them from your device to free up storage. You can see the backed-up photos and videos through the web on any device. Google Photos perform the process automatically but let’s see how it happens.      

  • Hit on your profile icon.
  • Click on Photo settings.
  • Now hit on Back up & sync and enable the toggle button next to it. 

After allowing the individual setting, you are free to erase photos and video from your Android phone or enable Smart Storage management to remove them automatically. 

Delete Android apps

As you delete photos and videos to free up space, you will also need to delete apps to get more free space. Here you have a win-win situation. Ask me how. While you delete apps to free up space on your device, you don’t lose apps and their respective data from your Google account. That means the app and its data are stored on your Google account. And if you reinstall them, you can get them back with all data. So, without any worry of losing an app and its data, you can uninstall the one that is unnecessarily installed on your device. If you don’t wish to uninstall an app, you can clear Android cache files to free up space on your phone.  

Offload apps and photos  

You can also consider an external memory card to store apps, photos, and videos or transfer them on your PC using a USB cable. To store photos and videos on your memory card, change the camera storage location. Go to Camera Settings and then choose Storage Location and select SD Card. 

Consider a file manager

You can go for third-party file managers to manage your device storage. The file manager tool provides your free space by removing duplicate and unwanted files. They create separate folders to store specific files. You can also find many other tools to optimize storage and boost device performance from the Google Play Store. 

After using the above ways to free up space on an Android phone, if you still have low storage; it may be a time to buy a new Android phone with more storage. 

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