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Serafim S1 Controller Review: Lightweight and Compact in Size

Serafim has support for mobile phones to gaming consoles. It is also compatible with 10 different platforms. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite games with this controller. The application also has optimized mopping buttons for popular games like PUBGM and Injustice 2.

Design & Build

The controller has nice rubber to protect itself. The button click sound is also pretty nice. It also has a vertical place to keep your device, and after that, you can play games on your device. You will get a power button and charging port on the top of the controller.

The Serafim S1 controller provides two analog sticks and 14 buttons. You will be able to customize the sensitivity and dead zone settings as well. It is pretty lightweight and compact in size.

Setup & Application

You can turn on the controller by pressing the power button on top of it. The controller also has a dedicated app named Serafim Play. You can download it from the Play Store. You will have to register your accessory after opening the application. The application also allows you to download the games and play them. The controller uses BlueTooth technology to connect with your smartphone device.

First, open the Serafim Play application, and after that, select the S1 controller option. After that, make sure the controller is connected. You can also check the pairings and open the customization interface.

Connect With Your PC

You can also connect it with your PC or laptop if it is compatible with BlueTooth technology. However, the Serafim dongle is required to connect it with your PC. After connecting the dongle to your computer, you will get a notification about setting up the controller device. After the installation of the controller driver, you can use the controller with your PC. However, you will have to change the setting inside your game settings.

Compatible Games

However, it is only compatible with certain games such as Stadia, Epic games,, and streams. In short, there are just certain games that are allowed with the controller. You will also get a better feel and never miss a beat of your games.

The Serafim Play app also supports multiple top games. You can add new games inside the application via tapping the add option then enter the game.


This controller has a few unique features such as vertical positioning, multiple devices, and streaming. It also has automatic tapping over 20 times per minute. This feature is really essential, and it does not affect your thumb anymore.

It also includes a pre-set button placements. You can also tap the floating icon to customize the setting. Users can tap the buttons and drag them to their favored position. You can also change and save the settings.

Some features are listed below:

  • Cross Platforms.
  • Serafim Play application.
  • Macro Functions.
  • Button Mapping.
  • Long Battery Life.

Battery Life

The Serafim S1 controller provides up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.


The Serafim S1 Controller will cost you about $300. You will also get a USB plugin, USB-C cable, and the gaming console itself. You can also check the price on the official website as they keep changing over time

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