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My Hero Academia: Who Should Inherit One for All from Deku?

In the Manga My Hero Academia, the heroes are fighting a valiant battle with the Paranormal Liberation front. The villains have given an adamant time to the heroes, who have struggled to stop the onslaught. Even top pro-heroes seem to have no answers to the brilliant plan hatched by Tomura Shigaraki and his men. Shigaraki himself has been too good as he has successfully handled several heroes on his own and killed Gran Torino, who had mentored Deku. Unfortunately, Gran Torino is not the only one to lose his life; there are many heroes who have sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Now, Deku has taken upon himself to fight Shigaraki as he believes that being the successor of All Might it is his responsibility to stop the leader of the Liberation Front.  

 However, Shigaraki has so far proved to be very skilled as he has faced multiple heroes at once, and even then, he has been able to put them under pressure. It is very courageous of Deku to confront him and take the responsibility of defeating him on his shoulders, but he might be making a big mistake by doing so. It is evident by now that Shigaraki is powerful enough to handle several pro-heroes at once, including the number one hero, Endeavor. This means that Deku is fighting no ordinary villain but arguably the most powerful one to have ever existed. But this raises an interesting question, what if Deku were to die fighting Shigaraki? Who would inherit One for All? Although we don’t know what decision Deku himself might make, we can still speculate over some of the deserving candidates.


Bakugo has always had the drive and ferociousness to confront villains like Shigaraki who have no moral compass. He is probably the only one that has the ability to match the Paranormal Liberation Front’s brutality and answer them in their own words. One for All coupled with his Explosion Quirk will make him invincible and give the heroes an edge over the villains. Although he does have anger management issues, confronting psychopathic villains requires someone more action-oriented so that they have no chance of using trickery and deception to get the upper hand. The heroes are struggling against the Paranormal Liberation Front because they are not aggressive and violent enough. Even though they have Bakugo, he is limited by the powers of his Quirk. Once he inherits One For All, nothing will stop him from defeating Shigaraki.


When it comes to inheritance of One for All Quirk, one of the essential factors the successor needs to have is the ability to control more than one Quirk. This makes Shoto Todoroki the obvious successor to Deku as he already has mastered pyrokinesis and cryokinesis. He knows how one can use more than Quirk with the right balance, and therefore he is the ideal successor for Deku. Moreover, Todoroki has been through a lot of psychological and emotional trauma in his childhood; this has made him a very compassionate individual who can understand the suffering of others. He is the right choice not only because he can handle more than one Quirk, but he is also much more reliable to make crucial decisions in the heat of the moment as compared to someone like Bakugo.


Ochaco has been one of the closest friends to Deku, and she has seen him grow from just an ordinary boy to the responsible hero that he has proved himself to be. She understands more than anyone else the ups and downs one has to go through after inheriting One for All. Therefore, she is much more emotionally adept to acquire the mysterious Quirk from Deku.

 Tenya Iida

Tenya comes from a family of heroes and has the values of a hero inculcated in him right from childhood. He is responsible and understands the importance of a leader. Therefore, once he acquires One for All, Tenya would know what he needs to do to lead the heroes against the Paranormal Liberation Front. He has the right acumen, but like Bakugo, he is also limited by his Quirk. His leadership abilities alone make him one of the strongest candidates for Deku’s Quirk in times such as this when the heroes appear to lack strong leadership.

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