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OtterBox Accessories for Xbox Controller

Otterbox is a brand that makes protective gears for your smartphones and tablets. They are now providing a portfolio of gaming products. It is closing the gap between console and mobile gaming. It offers an end-to-end gaming ecosystem to protect gaming instruments.

Xbox Batteries

OtterBox has launched its battery for the Xbox controllers. It is a cage that connects with the battery. The cage will offer a 30 second to replace the battery. At this time, you will not lose the connection between Xbox and Controllers. 30 Seconds is enough time to replace the drained battery with the new ones.

Each battery also offers battery indication LEDs. You can also pop out batteries with a single hand. Each set has two batteries and it will cost you about $60. You can also charge the batteries while they are inside the controllers.

Mobile Gaming Clips

Mobile gaming clips offer mobile gaming clips that can be attached to your Xbox controllers. It will help you a lot if you are playing game pass on your smartphone. The clips also have one-handed multi-angle adjustments. The OtterBox Gaming Clips are great for carrying around. It is compatible with Xbox wireless controllers as well as all smartphones. You can use it with or without your protective case.

Easy Grip Controller Shell

You can protect your Xbox controller with the help of this easy-grip controller shell. It is a compact shell that will not affect your haptic feedback or any other gaming experience. It is made out of antimicrobial protection. You can also easily snap it on or off. You will get more than one handle, you can use it according to your controller size. It comes in several pieces.

Firstly you should install the left and right grip on the controller. After that, install the back grip. Then, finally, install the front grip. You can also change the type of grip according to your comfort.

Gaming Carrying Case

OtterBox also offers a gaming carry case. It is specifically designed for Xbox controllers. However, you can also use it to protect your smartphone gaming instruments. It guards joysticks and triggers against damage during transportation.

You can also convert it to a gaming stand. It is also designed to keep all the gaming elements provided by OtterBox. You will also get a zipper as well as a handle to carry it around easily. You can also strap it onto something else. It also has some extra pockets to keep your other small pieces of stuff. For example, USB, Data Cable, and chargers.

Easy Grip Gaming Case

OtterBox also provides a protective case for smartphones. The company is taking protective cases to the next level. It is made to provide more grip. It is now available for the latest iPhone devices. The protective case fits in your iPhone perfectly.

Gaming Glass Privacy Guard

This product offers screen protection which is perfect for gaming. It is only optimized for mobile gaming. It maintains the screen brightness as well as clarity on your device. The glass also provides screen privacy as well as visual hacking. It also works as an antimicrobial agent. In other words, it blocks the microbial growth on your smartphone screen. The screen protector is available for iPhone devices.


OtterBox has recently launched Xbox Swappable batteries. However, you can check out more details and the price tag of each product on their official website.

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