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5 Best Music Player Apps for Android

Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and several other music player apps are out there, they contain huge libraries of various kinds of songs, music, and even podcasts that are enough to keep you entertained. A great music player not only offers you a wide range of songs but also allows you to listen to your own music collection. You might be thinking, why you should have a music player app when you already have a stock music app on your smartphone. The stock music app does not have as many features as these additional music streaming apps can provide you with.


AIMP is a powerful and featured packed music app that supports many common file types, including MP3, MP4, FLAC, and more. The customization options on the app include theming, favorite list, etc. AIMP has a simple and intuitive UI with Material Design and several useful features, like HTTP streaming, equalizer, volume normalization, and more.  Comparatively, AIMP is a step up from most of its competitors. You get a desktop version too which means, you will kill two birds with this app. The only downside of AIMP that I noticed is its compatibility issues with EMUI and MIUI devices.

BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer EX is a straightforward, and elegant music streaming app with a tab structure manual. You get several tabs on the app, BlackPlayer EX allows you to customize them, you are completely free to choose any of the tabs to play desired music. It features widgets, scribblings, an equalizer, an ID3 tag editor, themes, and support for several music files. It doesn’t include ads too. BlackPlayer EX’ free version has decent features, but the premium option will give you additional tools/features. It runs for $3.59.

DoubleTwist Music Player

Over the years DoubleTwist has been struggling to get the reputation of being a great music player app. Earlier this app had some serious issues, it was a bit buggy, and not so organized. But currently DoubleTwist music player has a strong offering, including great playlists, support for audio codecs, a straightforward UI, Android Auto support, and Chromecast support. It’s free, although there are some subscription plans that start from $5.99. You can also buy an optional ad-on for Apple AirPlay support. However, the premium version unlocks a Super Sound feature, q 10-band equalizer, themes, and many other features. It has some features for podcast lovers too.


MediaMonkey, a powerful but less known music player app. It has tons of features, including organizational tools for stuff like podcasts, audiobooks, the ability to sort songs, etc. You get an equalizer, cross-platform support, and more. Many users might struggle to understand the setup process, nevertheless, MediaMonkey is great for organizing and listening to a huge music library.


Packed with a lot of desirable features, Musicolet offers you a great music listening experience. It includes a lightweight and easy-to-use UI, offline support, an equalizer, multiple queues, support for embedded lyrics, a tag editor, folder browsing, widgets, and more tools. It’s a minimalist approach by the developers to create an ad-free music player app without In-app purchases. For a user with the purpose of listening to music without tons of extra features, Musicolet has the best offerings, and if you need more, the other options are waiting for you.

I’m Edward Lewis. I’m an art director living in 737 Northcrest Shopping Center, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States. I am a fan of photography, technology, and design., I’m also Online Marketing Expert with 3 years of extensive and rich experience of Marketing through Social Networking Platforms.


Published by Edward Lewis

Hi, this is Edward Lewis . I am an Online Marketing Expert with 3 years of extensive and rich experience of Marketing through Social Networking Platforms.

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