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The Tragic Lives of Shonen Jump Protagonist

Shonen protagonists always put their lives on the line to fight for the greater good. They consistently face new threats no matter what kind of problems they otherwise have to go through. They have no time for their families and friends since they have to dedicate all of their time-fighting villains or protect humanity from existential threats. So, it is not surprising that almost all of these Shonen protagonists have a rough life. Today we look at some of these characters to understand which one of them has had the toughest time in recent years.

Riku Aibetsu (Phantom Seer)

Most Shonen protagonists have a dark side which is just waiting to be unleashed when the right time arrives. In Riku’s case, it is called Beckoning hand, a passive ability that grants him unimaginable powers. The world of Phantom Seers is riddled with “Phantoms”, who are mysterious and dangerous inhuman creatures. But thanks to Riku’s Beckoning Hand, he has a “Spidey-sense” that helps him sense Phantoms whenever they are around. However, Riku’s ability is the very reason for his problems. It attracts the Phantoms that he is running from, so even though he is trying to protect people around him, it is his very presence that puts them in danger in the first place. The paranoia-inducing power is dangerous as it puts him under a lot of pressure. He has to wake up every day knowing that he will be putting others in danger no matter how much he hates it.

Fuuko Izumo (Undead Unluck)

When it comes to involuntary harm, Fuuko has much worse luck than Riku. She is cursed with a power that causes a serious stroke of misfortune to all those who touch her bare skin. Most of them end up dying and at the young age of 8, she unknowingly killed her parents. Fuuko had given up on life by the time she was a teenager. She decided to kill herself but luckily, she meets Andy. Although Andy does not make her easier with his recklessness, he at least gives her a reason to live.

Mash Burnedead (Mashle: Muscle and Magic)

Mash Burnedead parodies several Shonen tropes. It’s a comedy manga but its protagonist had a tragic life. Just like Izuku Mirodriya from My Hero Academia, Mash is born magic-less in a world full of magic. However, there is one key difference that makes his life even tougher. His very existence threatens the magic-dominated gene pool and he should be purged from existence according to the law of the land. He is hunted down by his people, who are determined to kill him. After an impressive display of strength, he is given an ultimatum to climb the ranks of the wizarding world. However, despite the hardships, Mash uses his opportunities wisely and proves himself.

Denji (Chainsaw Man)

Chainsaw Man is one of those series that is not afraid of making its characters suffer either emotionally or physically. The protagonist has a much rougher time since the very start. The 16-year-old Denji has to pay off a huge debt to Yakuza. He spends most of his time doing odd jobs and hunting devils but Yakuza usually takes all of the profit. While Denji hardly has money to feed himself. However, things change for him once he starts hunting devils for Public Safety instead of working for Yakuza. Although he does have a much easier life that doesn’t last long. Most characters in the series manipulate and use Denji. He is a naive and simple-minded teenager who is used by others for their benefits. Although all of these Shonen protagonists have a rough life Fuuko is cursed with the worst power imaginable. She had given up on life by the time she was a teenager. Her situation could not have been any worse than that. She blamed herself for the death of her parents, even though she never did anything intentionally. It must have been very tough being a teenager who knows that everyone who comes closer will die.

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