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Robert Pattinson Surprised Everybody With His Weird Accent in “The Devil All the Time”

Even though the star-powered film The Devil All the Time has been a subject to mixed critical review, nevertheless, they have stormed their way to the number one position on Netflix most-watched content within the 24 hours of its release. The biggest crowd-puller has been their main leads, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson.

And it isn’t surprising that The Devil All the Time had been an anticipated movie. The main leads are up against each other in the film. It’s sinner vs preacher or Spiderman vs Batman or shall we say Marvel vs DC. Whatever the reason, there were fans eagerly waiting for the film’s release.

The Devil All the Time is the onscreen adaption by Antonio Campos of 2011 Donald Ray Pollock’s novel of the same name. The film sees Robert Pattinson in an antagonist role of Preston Teagardin, a church’s father who sexually exploits young females and ultimately grows a liking for Lenora (Eliza Scanlan), a friend of Tom Holland’s character Alvin.

It is the most detestable character ever played by Robert Pattinson; however, he had garnered appreciation for his acting and accent (Southern) which he refused to show to anyone before the shooting commenced.

Director Antonio Campos revealed this in an interview with Insider apart from disseminating the fact that Pattinson also refused any dialect coaching and remained adamant on figuring out on his own.

Campos was in contact with Pattinson for the movie since the time when the actor was on set of Safdie brother’s creation Good Time. He had already penned the script for The Devil All the Time and sent it to him while he was still doing the shoots for his character Connie Nikas. The actor read the script and chose Preston Teagardin as his preferable character; however, he remained the only one who decided not to send any recordings of the voice sample.

Nobody had any idea how he was going to sound until the day shooting started.

Antonio Campos, however, was not worried at all as he had heard that Robert Pattinson had created something good for the character when he did his first take which was him doing a disturbing scene of giving a baleful glance at Lenora. 

As the production process settled in and Pattinson went about his works, the accent never became a problem for Campos. It fit the character perfectly.

The director told Insider that he knew Pattinson would come up with something good as he had a lot of trust in his acting virtuosity. He was certain that Twilight star would bring something interesting for his character.

Robert Pattinson has proved himself as one of the most talented actors of this generation and has certainly come a long way after his works in Twilight. His recent performances in independent films “The Lighthouse” and Good Time have been well appreciated by the critics and fans.

He can also be seen as the character Neil in Christopher Nolan’s latest release Tenet and in 2021 he will star as the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

The movie “The Devil All the Time” is streaming on Netflix and is currently in the top 5 among the fan-favourite films on Netflix. Robert Pattinson plays the role of an antagonist in the battle of wits against Tom Holland. The duo is supported by an ensemble supporting cast led by IT villain Bill Skarsgard, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, and Jason Clarke.

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